Shiatsuterapeut Ranka Gest

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" - Constitution of World Health Organization

Ranka earned her degree as a professional Shiatsu therapist in 2009 in Monza, Italy, at the Himawari Shiatsu School. The three year course at Himawari school is certified by APOS (Association of Professional Operators of Shiatsu).

Shiatsu is a Japanese discipline which involves stimulating pressure points and assisted stretching.The shiatsu therapist, using their finger or palm, creates pressure along the energetic meridians of the client's body corresponding mostly to the acupuncture maps as used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The purpose and function of the treatments is to achieve and maintain the proper energetic flow and balance of the client in order to prevent health issues, and regain energetic balance when it's compromised.

Shiatsu treatment is relaxing and can be very helpful as a cure for stress related problems such as: headaches, insomnia, tension and anxiety. Shiatsu can also benefit blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as assisting in body detoxing. It can help with other specific issues such as menstrual pain, back pain, swollen legs, or swollen feet that can occur during pregnancy, as well as neck and shoulder pain due to poor posture or muscle tension. Shiatsu can be a very useful as a form of support during conventional medical treatments.

Every therapeutic path is personalized and specific to each client. Usually it can take approximately four or five treatments to achieve any significant or measurable benefits or improvements. Shiatsu is not recommended in the presence of a spinal hernia.

Ranka is fluent in Italian, English, Croatian and Serbian.